• beauty training academy

    Our Hair, Makeup and Henna courses have been developed by professionals at the AK brand to provide a platform for aspiring artists and students who want the best of what the industry has to offer.

    Our dedication and sincere passion in Hair, Makeup and Henna provides the best courses and experience at its highest level here at Ash Kumar.

    The Ash Kumar Training Academy offers the most influential and powerful qualification in the field of Asian beauty.

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  • artist agency

    Meet the Ash Kumar Artists - we call them our Angels. Graduates from the Ash Kumar Makeup and Henna Academy are fully-qualified and travelling the world with the AK Pro Team.

    Experienced professionals, the artists of tomorrow, and those who have left their full-time jobs and dedicated their careers to Ash Kumar and the journey ahead.

    Take a look at the artist site and see for yourself - amazing at its best!

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  • products online

    The days of bad henna and its colour have gone... The AK range of henna, glitter gels and henna kits is the first of its kind.

    Developed by professional artists for professional artists, AK henna is the darkest in the world. Our smooth henna paste and applicator cones provide precision and accuracy in designing. Professionals and clients don't settle for anything else.

    The first to guarantee dark henna colour, the first to guarantee smoothness with no blockages - the best results in the world.

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